Be Present Coaching



Be Present Coaching is a values based coaching and events business and our aim is to help you understand your values, and how best to apply them to your life.

By understanding your own values, you are creating a great foundation to work from. This assists with providing clarity, as you understand the principles that all your decisions need to stem from. You can then set goals and even put change into motion, in a way that works best for you. Our choices should be based on principles that we value, not this notion of what we ‘should’ be doing. 

This is why, our motto is to ‘Be you for you’ and our values are to integrate connection and knowledge into every facet of our work. We want women to connect back to themselves and with those around them. We also want women to always be challenging themselves, continually learning and utilising their knowledge. 

Whether you are an intrapreneur, entrepreneur or are a woman who wants to own their life, at Be Present Coaching we can help you. Our work doesn’t involve any step-by-step programs, quick fixes or any woo woo techniques. 

What we do offer, are different ways to help you identify your own voice and ideas, whilst providing support and a non-judgemental environment. We also understand that values shift over time. Your goals, support bases and tools should also then grow with you and reflect where you are currently at. 

We believe that if you are connected not only to yourself, but with likeminded people, and continue to seek out knowledge, then you are on your way to reducing stress and feeling overwhelmed. Most importantly to reduce this general hum of anxiety so many of us experience. 

Be Present Coaching does this through our: 

  • One on one coaching sessions 

  • Sharing our own learnings and experiences through writing 

  • Running pressure free events that connect likeminded women 

  • Being a part of external events and or coming into business workshops as a key note speaker 

How did it all begin I hear you ask?

Be Present Coaching was founded by me, Kylie Aloi and has been a natural progression from my own learnings and education. A number of years back, my (clinical) Anxiety was at its peak. After connecting with a psychologist, I began to trial different tools and resources that have assisted in understanding and supporting my anxiety. Throughout this time, I also helped establish a new department in my family business and I was drawn to complete my own formal education. 

Whilst completing my Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) Degree, I also completed a Certificate IV in Workplace and Business Coaching. These qualifications not only complement one another but they built on my lifelong interest into the world of small business. 

As someone who has anxiety, I understand the very strong connection between my values and my anxiety. 

Having a clear understanding of my values, doesn't make my anxiety disappear and at times it certainly doesn’t lessen it's intensity. What it does provide, is guidance and clarity for the times when my anxiety feels like it is humming along in the background of my thoughts. 

I loved reading Sarah Wilson’s book, ‘First we make the beast beautiful’ and the way she accurately describes her anxiety. Sarah so perfectly summed it up as feeling like a buzzing sensation. She also believes that anxiety should be thought of as a general ‘dis-ease’ with life rather than just a disease. 

I don’t turn away from my anxiety, I listen to it and tune in to what is going on around me. This is something that I would encourage you do to as well. I am not a medical practitioner and nor am I claiming to have all the answers or even make your anxiety completely disappear. However, what I am able to do it share my experiences with you, and in my own way look to help people understand their own struggles. 

I am a big advocate for normalising mental health experiences. I do this by creating open discussion, cultivating empathy and sharing knowledge from others who have lived experiences and those that have researched these topics. By connecting with others on a deeper level we can each do our bit to reduce the stigma that unfortunately still surrounds mental health. 

Be Present Coaching is driven to work alongside the entrapreneurs, intrapreneurs and those individuals that are ready to keep learning and growing. These are the people that seek connection in all that they do and that use their knowledge, desire and goals to propel them forward. This very nature also makes them susceptible to having more heightened experiences with anxiety. 

If this sounds like you or people in your workplace, let’s connect and see how we can work together to get you back to your values. Email to get in touch x 


If you are experiencing anxiety you should speak to a trusted General Practitioner (GP) or Psychologist. If you are in immediate need of support please call Life Line on 13 11 14 or for more information and resources go to Beyond Blue, SANE and the Black Dog Institute.